Free Betting Contest: Cash Prizes on MLB Parlay Bets

Author: Tony Finn, Who2BetOn Editor
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The best way to bet on Major League Baseball is back and only Bodog, the most trusted source for online sports betting, could make it this intriguing. Stick around the sportsbook this summer to take part in Bodog’s Grand Slam Parlay contest. Only at Bodog does every MLB parlay bet earn bettors a chance to win weekly cash prizes.

Sure, betting on baseball is a worthwhile challenge in itself, but it’s no secret how much different betting on four-game parlays can be. Instead of choosing a single winner, bettors’ fates depend on a combination of four games. Think you can handle the pressure of four individual outcomes?

The best part about the Grand Slam Parlay contest is that, win or lose, every four-game parlay bet played of $10 or more will earn bettors points. The top 50 bettors with the most points each week will earn a share of $5000. That means up to $1000 just for being a weekly winner.

There’s a reason Bodog is the most trusted name when it comes to online sports betting and 16 years of success certainly doesn’t hurt. Why bet anywhere else when the Grand Slam Parlay contest promises cash even for unsuccessful plays?

Nothing quite beats the thrill of a four-game parlay, except perhaps the feeling that comes from walking away with a coveted parlay victory. MLB parlay betting might not be for the faint of heart, but the payout certainly makes up for it.

With the Grand Slam Parlay contest, bettors have a backup plan in the event that their parlays don’t pan out. More parlays attempted simply mean more points, and more points mean cash.

Sign up for an account with Bodog’s online sportsbook and start building up points now. Though the contest runs weekly, a parlay bet with your name on it might be fast approaching.

Grand Slam Parlay contest or no Grand Slam Parlay contest, that’s not something you want to miss.

Get all your MLB odds at Bodog – your home for the most baseball betting options.

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